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Car Alarms Installation

Need an alarm?

All installations are carried out with a strict adherence to FCS1362 ensuring that the highest level of care is applied to your vehicle and the products installed are of the highest standards. We can also swap your hands free car kit, fitted parrot bluetooth, vehicle tracker or other products from one vehicle to another saving you time and money.

Car Alarm Systems

We supply a range of car alarm products and can customize packages to suit your security need. All car alarms fitted meet with our high standard of installation and care, not only with the product but your vehicle.

CAN Bus technology

The Standard CAN Bus alarm system is a Thatcham approved alarm. Most insurance companies now offer discounts for having a Thatcham approved system fitted. Fully installed in your vehicle, it is designed to be used on full CAN Bus, semi CAN Bus or conventional wiring systems and can be fitted to any compatible new vehicle that requires an alarm. CAN Bus is a data communications protocol where data is used to control and monitor the functionality of control systems on modern vehicles. CAN which stands for “Controller Area Network” is now being used by many vehicle manufacturers to increase reliability, reduce costs of components, reduce power consumption, reduce weight and therefore offer better fuel consumption for improved vehicle diagnostics.

This system is integrated and easily operated from the vehicles original remote control, without the use of an additional remote control.


Fully installed and Thatcham approved, these immobilisers comes with two remote transmitters and can be connected to interface into the vehicles’ existing central locking. The system can also be upgraded to full alarm offering many of the features and facilities found in the more expensive Category 1 products.


  • Thatcham approved (TE2 1006/0198)
  • Encrypted remote control-1 button
  • Pin-Code override
  • Up-gradable to full alarm
  • Self-arming immobiliser
  • Indicator/park-light flashing
  • Ignition anti-hotwire
  • Central locking output