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Dash Cams

Forward Facing Cameras


Our cameras are recognised as being industry leaders for quality and performance. We have deployed the solution to many of the largest fleets throughout the UK who demand the highest levels in service and functionality.  Our witness cameras have been designed to provide optimal performance ensuring that every accident and incident is recorded. 

The forward facing cameras are professionally installed in the vehicle in a manner which complies with regulations and are warranted accordingly. Our focus is ensuring that the camera solution provides peace of mind for drivers and fleet managers for incidents which may have previously proved difficult to contest.


Key Features

Tamper Proof – The camera is hardwired to the vehicle and cannot be removed. The driver can log incidents by pressing the emergency button but all other camera functionality is controlled through the software provided.

Secondary Camera Input – A secondary camera can be installed and connected to the same device so it can record inside the cabin or the rear road view. The footage recorded is stored on the same SD card within the main unit.

Normal Recording – The camera records from the moment the engine starts, it will record as long as it receives power. Once the SD card is full the camera will automatically override an old recording and replace it with a new record.

Event Recording – When a sudden impact occurs the camera records 10 seconds before and 20 seconds after the event. This recording will not be overwritten like normal recordings but will be saved in a separate folder which speeds up finding specific events.

Emergency Recording – The emergency recording button can be used manually to create an event recording. Ideal if you have witnessed an accident in front of you but your vehicle wasn’t involved. This recording will also not be overwritten and saved in a separate folder.

Audio Recording – Audio recording is supported simultaneously with video recording. This does not allow you to switch off audio without the software.