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PaceCam DVR Camera Solutions

In a world where an accident cannot happen, limiting blame is most important. For this reason, our range of “PaceCam” are designed to capture crucial footage of every incident ensuring that drivers and operators can easily demonstrate where blame should be apportioned and often, confirm their innocence.

The range of “PaceCam” solutions are tailored to ensure performance and reliability and have been developed through industry research thus ensuring that functionality is not excessive but does provide exactly what is needed with ease.

Our emphasis has remained focused on performance where little or no on-going maintenance is required.

The “PaceCam” range provides a cost effective solution to meet all requirements of a single user to National operator.

The “PaceCam” has been developed to provide a unique cost effective solution

Key Features

  • Provides high quality footage without the need to use SD Cards.
  • Records directly onto a 1tb hard drive which enables footage to be stored for over 6 months before been overwritten.
  • The ability to store footage for long periods provides users and operators with a much preferred solution to Crash Cams and Forward Facing Cams, which to date have been the only cost effective solution for capturing driving footage.
  • You can be sure that nothing is missed and with no need to format cards.
  • Administrative duties are dramatically reduced.
  • Provides footage in 10min slots which are date and time stamped and are stored as AVI files which means that there is no requirement for any third party software.


The PaceCam be supplied and fitted from £365.00 plus vat and carries a two year hardware and 1 year labour warranty.
For more information, please call us on 01405 819352 or email: