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Reverse parking sensors

Reversing cameras and sensors

Reversing camera and reversing sensor usage has increased in recent years both in commercial and public environments, with many benefits. Large vehicle reversing solutions, aid in the complex manoeuvering of haulage vehicles, public transport vehicles and the emergency services. Having reverse parking sensors fitted in vehicles and also reversing cameras, has become more and more popular in the family car, where traditional rear and side view mirrors have proven to be insufficient in today’s driving environment.

Reversing parking sensors and installation

Pace Technology provide reverse parking sensors installation to customers across the UK.We supply and install tailormade solutions to best fit your individual requirements. Solutions include reversing camera(s), a monitor, playback device and possibly a microphone or reverse warning alarm. Fitted parking sensors are designed to provide you with clear visibility of what is behind your vehicle and a clear route for manoeuverability. Reversing sensors fitted at the front as well as the rear of the vehicle are also very effective, with 2 or 4 sensor systems available to aid the driver.

Reversing camera and sensor benefits

  • Manoeuvering large vehicles into tight spaces
  • Reversing up to loading ramps
  • Reversing in adverse weather conditions
  • Reversing where there are pedestrians or cyclists
  • Trailer and caravan towing
  • Reversing into traffic