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Vehicle Tracking

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Our GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions are designed to provide clients with a seamless solution by encompassing some of the most sophisticated hardware and software available in the market all of which is provided by Scope Technologies; an industry leader for Vehicle Tracking, Telematics and UBI Insurance Telematics Worldwide with a presence in over 65 countries.

The GPS solutions can be tailored to meet specific needs without the requirements for expensive add-ons.

We can provide the following:

  • Basic Fleet Tracking which gives all the usual track and trace functionality
  • Telematics where bespoke vehicle data is used to provide management data
  • Temperature Monitoring for refrigeration alerts
  • Trailer Tracking
  • Asset Tracking
  • Plant Tracking
  • Car, Van and HGV tracking
  • Bespoke requirements for monitoring external equipment
  • 24/7 alert monitoring for tow away and power loss

All our Vehicle Tracking solutions are available on one web based platform with a mobile App for Apple and Android operating systems and is fully encrypted to AES standards.

The Vehicle Tracking Solutions consists of mainly three hardware variants:

  • Mhub 855. A highly sophisticated device which massive programmable capabilities used for Telematics, Temperature Monitoring, Trailer Tracking and many other GPS Tracking requirements. It has a long life battery back-up lasting for up to 4 weeks when used in certain applications.
  • Mhub 846. Designed specifically for the fleet market where basic fleet tracking is required. This device has no external aerials so it can be discreetly installed to avoid tampering.


All the Vehicle Tracking Devices have a built is accelerometer which is self-calibrating and will provide driver behaviour data.